Tuesday, March 25, 2008

as promised and a few more

if you say this is timmy, then i will laugh.
i never did and i still don't like elijah's hands on me, sorry but thats the way it is.


and guess what! i don't know who has the group picture from snow camp but when either my dad or nate get back then i will post a picture of that, i promise.

tim was coughing and wheezing this morning and the puffer wasn't helping a whole lot, so dad took him to the doctor. right as they got in the van he threw up as well, probably sounds worse than it is but keep timmy in your prayers please.


the reason i am posting these pictures is to remind people that we actually still have grass, and that summer does exist.

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pumpkin flowers

and that i still have an idiot of a dog who is alwasy getting tangled up.

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and now back to reality

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

snow camp pixs

well, here is thirty something pictures of snow camp, out of the more than three hundred taken. they are kinda blurry because somebody dropped the camera which made all the lenses screwed up. and sorry jill, but the one of you brushing your teeth had to go on here.


ben boxing the air and josiah driving
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me and chelsea
the bottom of the tubing hill
terry (top) and joseph (from ottawa, bottom)
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giovanni (i am guessing at the spelling)
david bane
this is how we got up the hill and rapheal (again, guessing at the spelling)
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my dad
my dad, joe and elijah and joseph
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david bane and terry
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chelsea and one of her failed attempts to stab me with her pen
ben and his hamburger at lunch
elijah and nate
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me blocking a camera
chelsea "its my turn to use the camera" and nate plating the guitar
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elijah and rapheal being boys
eating breakfast
jill and jill brushing her teeth
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