Saturday, April 26, 2008

a few weeks ago

what was under our deck
the bonfire
john hitting the ball
my birthday present to ben
tim (i had this rotated)


Joe said...

fun fun fun more cleaning for you... hehehe

zorg said...

took you awhile to comment.

yeha I just need more cleaning to do. not.

zorg said...


thats in interesting word.

Cathy said...

Do you mean "yee haw"?

And Joe, are you volunteering to help us? Thank you so much!!!

Ah, a pronounceable "word verification" word:


Hey, that should mean something.

Joe said...

oh no i had just forgotten about this other blog.... and i dont know maybe i could help that depends if i mark off a whole week or something.

Cathy said...

Joe, it's not so bad now. But you can come later after we get the roof done, and we start tearing up the inside of the house.