Sunday, February 24, 2008


the smith-newton-bohon family's.
me and heather
all us kids except caleb and heather
my kitty who was squished under a car
playing chess with grandpa
the quilt i made with grandma and mom
me, abby and liz
me and liz
grandma, liz, abby and gracie

Saturday, February 23, 2008

more and more pixs

us at grandmas
me and ben
sackets harbour or however you spell that
cristmas morning

everybody knows what this picture is
going to georgia
chincoteague and assateague ponies
swimming in salt water
our room in georgia
daniel's garter snake

more pixs

my house in texas
granny and grampa donuhue and babe
lets see if i get this right. the grown men are uncle jack and uncle chuck. the boys i think are mike and steve and maybe billy, i am not sure.
me washing the table
elijah, ben and me
all of us with our cat
abby and me
in the back is aunt sue, granny, grampa donuhue and uncle jack. in the front is uncle chuck, amber, brittney, billy and uncle bill
dad, elijah, me, josiah and nathanael


Thursday, February 21, 2008

me as a baby
mom and me
our family
us kids
joe, me and nate
the church in texas
my room in texas
elijah and i
me and ben

there are more pictures coming, lots more. i am going through my photo albums and picking out ones. just so you know, they aren't listed in order.

Friday, February 15, 2008

family pictures

aunt pat
my dad's dad. pat, jim, chuck and bill the baby.
dad, bill, grampa donahue, jim, steve, chuck, pat holding ed.
my parents with granny and nathanael.
ed, marsha and dad. marsha is an aunt or cousin.
hank with his buddies.
granny and hank
granny and hank